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Both shuttle bus and city red buses can be used by all participants for free only with Eurofest pass!

A. Shuttle bus

During the tournament, 2 shuttle buses are organized daily, operating on 2 different routes:

  1. Debeli rtič – Ankaran – Bonifika (behind the swimming pool) – Škofije – Kozina (hall) – Bonifika (behind the swimming pool) – Schedule of Shuttle bus 1
  2. Debeli Rtič – Bonfika (behind the swimming pool) – Izola (main bus station) – Belveder and vice versa – Schedule of Shuttle bus 2

Both drive from 6.40 in the morning to 9 in the evening. Schedules are available on hyperlink next to routs descriptions

IMPORTANT – Bus schedule of SHUTTLE 1 bus is changing on SUNDAY

  1. SUNDAY: Debeli rtič – Ankaran – Bonifika (behind the swimming pool) – Škofije – Kozina (hall) – Bonifika (behind the swimming pool) – SUNDAY schedule of shuttle bus 1

Location of bus station and line of shuttle bus can be FIND HERE.

B. Red city busses


Additional to shuttle busses, participants can use even public transport (red city busses) for free. There are many different lines organized which drives on various part of Koper. It depends in which accommodation are you acccommodated in and on which playground do you play the games.

Bus stations map for each line KOPER

Line 1: Koper center (Bonifika) – Šalara (hall STŠ) – Koper center (Bonifika)

Line 2: School Anton Ukmar – Koper center (Bonifika)

Line 2A: School Anton Ukmar – Koper center (Bonifika)

Line 4: Šalara (hall STŠ) – Koper center (Bonifika)- Žusterna

Line 5: Brolo square (Youth hostel Koper) – Koper center (Bonifika)- Žusterna -School Anton Ukmar

Line 6: School Anton Ukmar – Žusterna- Koper center (Bonifika)

Line 7: Koper center (Bonifika) – school Dušan Bordon

Line 8: Koper center (Bonifika) – school Dušan Bordon – Šalara (hall STŠ)


The bus schedule and other bus lines can be found HERE


ATTENTION: The lines have a different timetable between weekdays, Saturday and Sunday. So check lines for every day. Note busses can be full so it is advised to take one/two busses earlier in case you wont fit all. 

ATTENTION: The clock goes back on Sunday!

C. Debeli Rtič - ANKARAN - Koper and vice versa

Participants  accommodated at Debeli Rtič and Ankaran can use also suburban bus with Eurofest pass.

Schedules can be find on ARRIVA website – Entry bus station Koper Banka – ANKARAN – Debeli Rtič and vice versa

Tournament halls locations in KOPER

  1. (HALL BONIFIKA  = Cesta Zore Perello – Godina 3, 6000 Koper – Capodistria)
  2. (HALL SCHOOL ANTON UKMAR = Pot v Gaj 2, 6000 Koper – Capodistria)
  3. (HALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL KOPER = Cesta Zore Perello – Godina 1, 6000 Koper)
  4. (HALL TECHNICAL SCHOOL KOPER = Šmarska cesta 4e, 6000 Koper – Capodistria)

Tournament halls locations outside Koper

  1. (HALL KRAŠKA IZOLA = Kraška ulica 1, 6310 Izola – Isola)
  2. (HALL ŠKOFIJE = Spodnje Škofije 40e, 6281 Škofije)
  3. (HALL SCHOOL HRPELJE (KOZINA) = Reška cesta 30, 6240 Kozina)
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