Koper Handball Cup
International Easter handball cup
KOPER, 14th - 16th Apr 2017

Priprave na 4. KOPER HANDBALL CUP v polnem teku

Spoštovani rokometni prijatelji,

priprave na 4. KOPER HANDBALL CUP so že v polnem teku. Po končanem tretjem Velikonočnem rokometnem turnirju – KOPER HANDBALL CUP, kjer je sodelovalo 92 ekip iz 7 držav, lahko ponosno rečemo, da je mesto Koper s tem turnirjem dokazalo, da je edinstveno mediteransko mesto, ki ponuja enkratne pogoje za organizacijo takšne prireditve: številne vrhunske dvorane in široko paleto nastanitvenih kapacitet.

Na IV. KOPER HADBALL CUP-u pričakujemo okoli 100 ekip iz Italije, BiH, Srbije, Avstrije, Hrvaške, Litve, Makedonije, Črne Gore, Madžarske, Češke, Slovaške in Slovenije.  

Trenutno je prijavljeno že 55 ekip iz 7 držav :


AVSTRIJA : WAT Atzgersdorf

ČRNA GORA : RK Nikšič 2014

HRVAŠKA : RK Trsat, RK Rudar Rude, RK Split, RK Metalac

ITALIJA : ASD Handball Faenza, Romagna Handball

NEMČIJA : ESV 1927 Regensburg, Bezirk Ostbayern


SLOVENIJA : RK Trimo Trebnje, ŽRK Branik Maribor, RD Branik Maribor, ŽRK Celje – Celjske

Mesnine, RK Krim – Olimpija, ŽRD Litija



OPOZORITI moramo klube, da je letos omejeno število sodelujočih ekip v vsaki kategoriji; v vsaki kategoriji bo nastopalo prvih 10 prijavljenih ekip !




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4th International Easter handball tournament »KOPER HANDBALL CUP« Koper, 14th – 16th April 2017

Dear handball friends!

Autumn has well arrived and the preparations for 4th KOPER HANDBALL CUP are already in full swing. Upon completion of the 3rd Easter handball tournament - KOPER HANDBALL CUP, where 92 teams from different countries participated we can proudly state that Koper proved to be a unique Mediterranean town, offering excellent conditions for the organisation of such tournament: numerous high-level sports halls and a wide variety of accommodation (the distance between courts and accommodation facilities is max. 2 km) 

We expect that around 100 teams from Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Austria, Croatia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia will participate at 4th KOPER HADBALL CUP.

The tournament can be attended by clubs, associations, schools, regional selections or national selections. Men and women teams can participate in the following categories:


- born in 2007 and younger (mini handball), born in 2006 and younger (mini handball), born in 2005 and younger, born in 2004 and younger, born in 2003 and younger, born in 2002 and younger, born in 2000 and younger, born in 1997 and younger.

Due to the big interest of clubs we have to inform you that this time the application time is limited as only the first eight (8) registered teams will be able to play in each category.

In addition to handball pleasures we offer to young handball players and coaches a rich evening entertainment programme: opening ceremony, Disco party, karaoke, social evening for coaches and referees. Our wish is that during the tournament many new friendships can arise. Let the tournament be the best occasion for socializing, entertainment and new friendships.

We thus invite all handball enthusiasts who wish to spend the Easter weekend at sea, while playing handball and walking by the sea to join us from 14th to 16th April 2017 in KOPER!


Best regards.


4. Koper Handball Cup

4. Koper Handball Cup

New rules in 2017

At this year's 3rd International Easter handball tournament - Koper HANDBALL CUP 2016 it was a very high turnout, reflecting the fantastic conditions offered by the municipality of Koper, that are superior rooms and accommodation. We hosted 92 handball teams from 7 countries; Italy, Austria, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Serbia and Slovenia. Within three days, from 25 to 27 March, it presented a total of some 1,300 handball played 217 quality games. Although this is only the third type of sporting event we were a record high, 100-percent increase compared with the previous two versions tournament pleasantly surprised and very pleased that the clubs so widely accepted our invitation. This proves that their dates and Koper offer correspond to, but it is also an indicator that praise organizers for the effort we've been investing in this sport for 24 years.

For next year we have a new rule and otherwise limit the number of teams in category on 8 teams per category. About all we will of course duly informed through our website and facebook page.

See you at the 4th International Easter handball tournament - Koper HANDBALL CUP 2017 that will take place from 14. - 17. 4. 2017!